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Trauma Rounds

Trauma Preceded by Suspected Syncope: Considerations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Trauma Rounds are CME accredited teaching rounds presented to a multidisciplinary group involved in the care of the trauma patient along the continuum of care.

When: Every Tuesday at 12pm noon

Where: Currently presented via Zoom

Link: Zoom

Meeting ID: 98407  374715

Password: 374715


Regional Trauma Rounds are available from the links below and will be available for streaming 1-2 days after each presentation.

​​December 28, 2021
​No Rounds Holiday Closure

December 21, 2021
​No Rounds Holiday Closure
​December 14, 2021
Dr. Nicole Mak
Senior General Surgery UBC/VGH

December 7, 2021
​Dr. Morad Hameed
Associate Professor and Head Divisions of General Surgery Vancouver Acute and UBC
Dr. Breanne Abbott
Northern Health

​Rural Trauma
Recording not available
​November 30, 2021​
Dr. Thalia Field
Associate Professor in the Division of Neurology
Dr. Jason Andrade
​Director, Atrial Fibrillation Clinic ​
Trauma Preceded by Suspected Syncope: Considerations​
​November 23, 2021

Dr. Robin Som 
VGH Trauma Fellow
Rib Fractures​

November 16, 2021
Dr. Ian Pike
Director, BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit
From Injury to Illegl Drug Overdose​
November 9, 2021
Dr. Valerie Courval
​VGH Trauma Fellow 
Role of Trauma Procedures in Rural Sites​
​November 2, 2021
Dr. Brian Gibney 
Radiology -VGH    
Radiology in Disaster Management​
October 26, 2021
Dr. Rebecca Afford
General Surgery PG4    Dr. J.J. Sidhu
​Pre-existing Mentall Illness and Trauma:  Unique Consideration​​​​

October 19, 2021
​Dr. Erik Jaeger, Kayla Brolly, RN
​Trauma in the North Shore Wilderness:  Good Medicine, Bad Places​

October 12, 2021
Dr. Michael Sugrue
Surgeon, Letterkenny University Hospital, Ireland
Abdominal Wall Incisional Failure - Time to Change Practice?  
Recording not available
​Oc​tober 5, 2021
​​Dr. Waleed Alkhaldi
Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow, VGH
​Imaging Findings of Intimate Partner Violence.​
September 28, 2021
​Dr. Shelina Babul
PhD, Associate Director, Sports Injury Specialist
Concussions: Are we bridging the gap on this invisible injury?​
​September 14, 2021
Dr. Aaron Stone
Emergency Medicine, Kelowna General Hospital
Transesophageal Echocardiography in Trauma​
​September 7, 2021
Dr. Syed Haydar
Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow VGH
TLC Classification of Thoracolumbar Fractures:  A refresher
​August 24, 2021

​Dr. David Kim
UBC General Surgery R4
​​REBOA: Should it be used in rural hospitals?
​August 17, 2021
Dr. Youcef Lounes
Trauma Fellow
​Blunt Aortic Trauma​
​Presentation starts 11:06​
​August 10, 2021
Dr. Jan Trojanowski
Regional Medical Director, BCEHS
​A Case of Severe Hypothermia: From the beginning, but nowhere near the end
​August 3, 2021
​Dr. Sara Sorour
Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow, VGH
​​Imaging of Trauma in the Pregnant Patient
​July 27, 2021
​Dr. Robin Som
UBC/VGH Trauma Fellow
​​Junctional Trauma
​July 20, 2021
Dr. Emilie Joos
VGH Trauma Surgeon
Massive Transfusion​
​July 13, 2021
​July 6, 2021
​Dr. Luck Louis
Emergency and Trauma Radiology Fellow, UBC/VGH
​Common Diagnostic Pitfalls in Emergent Abdominal CT​
Presentation starts at 3:30
​June 29, 2021
Dr. Ted Wu
Senior Trauma Resident, UBC/VGH
Traumatic Cardiac Herniation  
​Presentation starts at 5:30
​June 22, 2021
​Dr. Mina Salehi
Trauma & Acute Care Surgery Research Assistant, VGH
Recording not available
​June 15, 2021
​​Pamela Fuselli
President & CEO, Parachute Canada
Dr. Robin Som
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Fellow, UBC/VGH
​ATVs - Risk or ​Hazard?​
Presentation starts at 1:45
​June 8, 2021
​Dr. Robin Som
UBC/VGH Trauma Fellow
​​Chest Drains - Two Dogmas in Management of Hemothorax​
Presentation starts at 3:45
​June 1, 2021
​Dr. Fatma Eldehimi
Emergency and Trauma Radiology Fellow, UBC
​​Classification and Imaging of Thoracolumbar Fractures​
Presentation starts at 3:07
​May 25, 2021
​Dr. Lily Tung
Trauma and General Surgeon
​​Tracheostomies: technique, timing and what changed with COVID​
Presentation starts at 4:08
​May 18, 2021

Dr. Brian Lahiffe
Emergency Physician and Trauma Lead, St Pauls Hospital
Trauma Resuscitation in the ED: Pearls from a Complex Day​
Presentation starts at 1:38
​May 11, 2021
​May 4, 2021
​Dr. Jean-Martin Champagne
VGH Emergency Radiology Fellow
Skull Base Fractures: Classification Systems, Complications and Management
Presentation starts at 3:48
​April 27, 2021
​Dr. Erik Vu
Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, VGH
Prehospital Emergency Care
Orange is the New Black: Trauma System State of Readiness for Active Shooter Events
Presentation starts at 3:30 (may  need to increase volume)
​April 20, 2021

​April 13, 2021
​Dr. Renee-Anne Poirier
VGH/UBC Trauma Fellow
​Pediatric Trauma for the Adult Surgeon
Presentation starts at 6:54
​April 6, 2021

Dr. Israr Ahmad
Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow, VGH
Imaging Review and Update of Pancreatic Trauma
Presentation starts at 8:25
March 30, 2021
Dr. Sadiq Al Khaboori
VGH/UBC Trauma Fellow
It is all about the tract, is it?
Presentation starts at 4:24
March 16, 2021
Dr. Christina Boucher
Family Practice and Emergency Physician, Prince George, BC
Challenges in Rural Trauma 
Presentation starts at 7:10
March 9, 2021
Dr. Morad Hameed
VGH Trauma Surgeon and ICU Staff
A Multimodal Approach to Entero-Atmospheric Fistulas 
Presentation starts at 9:00
March 2, 2021
Dr. Siobhan O’Neill
VGH Radiology
CT Imaging of Solid Organ Trauma 
Presentation starts at 3:00
February 23, 2021
Dr. Naisan Garraway
VGH Trauma Medical Director
Dr. Peter Gooderham
VGH Neurosurgery
VTE Prophylaxis in TBI 
Presentation begins at 2:18
February 16, 2021
Dr. Daniel Lustig
UBC/VGH Senior Trauma Resident
Blunt Cerebral Vascular Injury 
Presentation starts at 5:40
February 9, 2021
Dr. Emilie Joos
VGH Trauma Surgeon
Trauma in Pregnancy: Should I do this crash C-section? 
Presentation starts at 2:43
February 2, 2021
Dr. Salman Masood
VGH Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow
Multimodality Imaging Assessment of Foreign Bodies in Penetrative Trauma 
Presentation starts at 5:05
January 26, 2021
Dr. Robin Som
UBC/VGH Trauma Fellow
Perspectives on Telemedicine 
Presentation starts at 4:09
January 19, 2021
Dr. Renée-Anne Poirier
UBC/VGH Trauma Fellow
Splenic Injury – Is follow-up required? 
Presentation starts at 6:30
January 12, 2021
Dr. Philip Dawe
VGH Trauma Surgeon
Trauma Care Provider Wellness 
Presentation starts at 4:00
January 5, 2021
Dr. Daniel Furlanetto
VGH Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow
Imaging the Unstable Patient 
December 15, 2020
Dr. Rihab Al Lawati
Senior General Surgery Resident, UBC/VGH
Jammer it is!! An interesting case of blunt cardiac injury 
Presentation starts at 4:20
December 8, 2020
Dr. Jan Trojanowski
Emergency, Critical Care and Transport Medicine
Trauma Exsanguination Mimics and the Zero Responder 
Presentation starts at 3:27
December 1, 2020
Dr. Jorik Reimerink
Emergency Trauma Fellow, VGH
Abdominal Wall Injuries – Imaging Features 
Presentation starts at 5:15
November 24, 2020
Dr. Renée-Anne Poirier
VGH/UBC Trauma Fellow
Interesting Liver Cases 
Presentation starts at 5:40
November 17, 2020
Dr. Firoz Miyanji
Pediatric Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon, BCCH
Changing Trends in Pediatric Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma 
Presentation starts at 1:12
November 10, 2020
Dr. Jack Chiu
General Surgeon, VGH
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Trauma 
Presentation starts at 6:00
November 3, 2020
Dr. Umer Nasir
Emergency and Trauma Radiology Fellow, VGH
Mass Casualty Incident and the Role of Radiology 
Presentation starts at 1:00
October 27, 2020
Dr. Anas Wess
General Surgery Resident, University of Manitoba
Management of Pathological Spleen in a Trauma Setting 
Presentation starts at 3:25 (and the volume will need to be turned up)
October 20, 2020
Dr. Brian Lahiffe
SPH Trauma Medical Lead
Update on Resuscitative Thoracotomy 
October 13, 2020
Dr. Renee-Anne Poirier
Trauma Fellow, VGH/UBC
Trauma in the Comorbid Patient 
Presentation starts at 5:03
October 6, 2020
Dr. Aneta Kecler Pietrzyk
Emergency Trauma Radiology Fellow
Dr. Michael Carr
Plastic Surgery Resident
Ocular and Orbital Trauma 
Presentation starts at 7:50
September 29, 2020
Dr. Harvey Hawes
VGH Trauma Surgeon
Innovations in Trauma Surgery 
Presentation starts at 7:48
September 22, 2020
Dr. Karan D’Souza
Dr. Thalia Field
Dr. Emilie Joos
BCVI: What we have learned from our VGH experience and proposed Joint Provincial Guidelines 
Presentation starts at 7:15
September 8, 2020
Dr. Philip Dawe
VGH Trauma Surgeon
The Open Abdomen 
Presentation begins at 1:10
September 1, 2020
Dr. Nicolas Murray, Emergency and Trauma Radiologist, VGH
Imaging the Trauma Patient 
Presentation starts at 4:15
August 25, 2020
Dr. Sadiq Al Khaboori
VGH Trauma Fellow
Facial Injuries 101 
Presentation starts at 3:30
August 18, 2020
Dr. David Evans
Medical Director, TSBC
Thinking about Trauma Systems 
Presentation starts at 1:50
August 11, 2020
Dr. Shiana Manoharan
Senior Trauma Resident, VGH
Geriatric Trauma 
Presentation starts at 3:00
August 4, 2020
Dr. Ismail Ali
Emergency/Trauma Radiology, VGH/UBC
Ballistic Injuries 
Presentation starts at 9:21
July 28, 2020
Dr. Emilie Joos
Trauma Surgeon, VGH
Damage Control Resuscitation in Trauma 
July 21, 2020
Dr. Dean Percy
Trauma Fellow, VGH/UBC
Contemporary management of hepatic trauma 
July 14, 2020
July 7, 2020
Dr. Parmiss Mojtabaie
Trauma Radiology Fellow, VGH
Lower Urinary Tract Injuries 
June 30, 2020
Dr. Claudia Arenas
Trauma Fellow, VGH/UBC
Minimally Invasive Surgery in Trauma 
June 23, 2020
Dr. David Ko
Overview of traumatic duodenal injuries and management of difficult duodenal stump 
June 16, 2020
Liliana Quintero
Senior Transport Engineer, City of Vancouver
Dr. Dean Percy
VGH Trauma Fellow
Municipal Road Safety Work 
June 9, 2020
Dr. Annie Lalande
Senior Trauma Resident, VGH
Hold your breath: An approach to diaphragmatic injuries and a case review 
June 2, 2020
Dr. Nicholas Murray
Emergency and Trauma Radiology, VGH
Post-Mortem CT in Trauma: Review of initial experience at VGH 
May 26, 2020
Dr. James McKay
Bottom of the World: The New Zealand Health and Trauma System….According to Me 
May 19, 2020
Dr. Jatina Lai
Dr. Jacqueline Hudson
Acute Pain Management in Trauma 
May 12, 2020
Dr. JJ Sidhu
Colleen Borralho
Behavioural Considerations & Psychosis 
May 5, 2020
Dr. Morad Hameed
Nasira Lakha
Dr. Naisan Garraway
Lori Quinn
Dr. Chad Ball
Dr. Neil Parry
How Canadian Trauma Centres Have Adapted During a Pandemic: BC, Alberta & Ontario Perspectives 
(Please note that due to technical difficulties, the full presentation was not captured)
Additional Resources:
April 28, 2020
Dr. David Evans
Clinical Guidelines for Major Trauma Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
April 21, 2020
Dr. Emilie Joos
Surgery During Ebola and Coronavirus: Were we afraid of the wrong disease? 

Who should attend?​​​

This group is comprised of surgical residents and students, attending surgeons, Emergency and Critical Care nursing staff, military and paramedical staff.

Can I join remotely?​​​

As of April 1, 2020, VGH Weekly Trauma Rounds will be available via Zoom to all participants. Details to connect are as follows:

(1) Online Participants:

(2) Telephone Participants:

  • Dial 778-907-2071 (Canada). Callers will be charged for any long distance charges that may apply
  • Enter the Zoom Meeting ID 926 7568 1014, followed by “#”
  • Password is 681014 

Problems connecting?  Please contact Sandra Santander at​ or 604-875-5292

Regional Trauma Rounds​​​​

These Rounds are held monthly with rotating presentations by each of the major VCH trauma centres and are available through videoconferencing to all interested BC hospitals.

Previous Regional Rounds recordings are now accessible through the CCRS​.