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Vancouver General Hospital Traum​​a Services​

​The VGH Trauma Centre is committed to supporting healt​hy lives throughout British Columbia by preventing and reducing the impact of injury through leadership in the provision of exceptional, integrated trauma car​​e, innovative​​ education, injury prevention initiatives and research.​ Learn more​.​​​

​Upcom​​ing Ed​ucation Courses & Events

January 25-26, 2022: ATLS, VGH 
February 28-March 1, 2022: DSTC/ASSET, VGH 
April 6-8, 2022: Trauma Association of Canada Conference (Montreal) Register Here​
April 11-12, 2022: ​ATLS​, VGH ​
April 14, 2022: Trauma Nursing Education Day, VGH 
May 16-17, 2022: ATLS, VGH 
June 13-14, 2022: ATLS, VGH 

For more information on our education courses​, click here​.
T​eam Site​​
For internal resources, please visit our SharePoint team site (admins and members only).

Cont​​ac​​t​​​ ​​​​Us


Clinical Pra​​​ctice G​uidelines (CPGs)​​​

V​​​anco​uver General Hospital (VGH) Trauma Serv​ices has dev​eloped Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) to optimize care of the trauma patient.​

Browse the CPG Library


Trauma Rou​nds​

Trauma Rounds are weekly, CME accredited teaching rounds available to those involved in the care of the trauma patient along the continuum of care.

Join our Trauma Rounds​​​​​