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VGH and Rural Trauma

​​As the lead Level 1 trauma centre in BC, VGH supports training for all the rural care centres across the province. We serve as a regional resource for the benefit of patients and providers with the purpose of optimizing the outcomes of patients involved in trauma. The goals of rural trauma include:

  • Improving regional outcomes of major trauma by the dissemination of knowledge and expertise;

  • Working with regional providers to improve the regional trauma care system;

  • Facilitating access to trauma centre resources;

  • Supporting educational programs.

Rural Trauma Team Development Course (RTTDC)

Building on the principles of ATLS®, RTTDC is a simulation-based course where providers work in mixed-profession teams to provide care in simulated scenarios. It includes a lecture/discussion portion, hands-on skill practice and simulation scenarios tailored to the needs of the facility. Ideally the course takes place in the working area of the site in order to increase realism. Course coordination and experienced faculty are arranged and brought to the site.

Also covered are ideal communication concepts, team-building discussions, and triage or mass casualty scenarios. For more information, please contact

VGH has supported RTTDC courses in the Coastal region since 2013 and is actively working with other health regions to deliver the courses in other regions of the province.

Rural Outre​​ach Programs

Enhanced Surgical Skills (ES​S) outreach

ESS physicians across Canada often provide trauma care at rural sites with limited surgical capability. VGH is working with select sites across BC to enhance the ability of these physicians to treat trauma patients prior to transfer.

Remote Simulati​​ons

VGH trauma physicians have worked with the University of British Columbia and the Provincial Health Services Authority to facilitate in-situ multi-disciplinary simulations in remote sites. These simulations are done using established simulation education theory and available video conferencing technology.