Trauma Program Manager Honoured with VCH People First Award for Leadership
1st Annual General Surgery Research Unit Internship Program Symposium
VGH Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Emilie Joos, featured in Impact Newsletter
Fellowship Grad, Seasons in the Park, Jun 20th,2019
VGH Trauma Team
1st Annual Trauma Survivor Reunion
A Tribe called Trauma Surgery - Sun Run 10KM - Team average: 50 minutes!
TAC2019 - Vahid Mehrnoush, exploring the association between of leisure activities and risky driving behaviours in young Canadian drivers.
TAC2019 - Dr. Annie Lalande, presenting on "Pre-op VTE prophylaxis in orthopedic trauma at VGH".
TAC2019 - Angie Brisson and Nasira Lakha, presenting on "Effective Communication during Patient Transitions".
TAC2019 - Dr. Jessica Lie, presenting on "The role of GROUP A plasma in future Massive Transfusion Protocol at VGH".
TAC2019 - Dr. Christian Heck, presenting an informative review on Autotransfusion in trauma patients.
TAC2019, David Kim, presenting TDABC in trauma costing, an intriguing prospective study re micro-cost study in trauma imolementing T6 (Trauma registry tool) in South Africa.
TAC2019 - Dr. David Ko, presenting ECMO in trauma patients at VGH.
TAC2019 - Dr. Emilie Joos, presenting on how successfully ROTEM has been incorporated in trauma care AT VGH.
TAC2019 - Vancouver General Hospital trauma team, in research meeting at TAC2019.
TAC2019- VGH Trauma team.

COVID-19 and Trauma

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Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) has developed various Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) to assist in the care of the trauma patient.