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STOP the Bleed Day BC

STOP the Bleed Day BC

May 26, 2020 denotes the second annual Stop the Bleed® day in B.C. The goal of this day is to highlight the significant impact that Stop the Bleed® knowledge and training can play in saving lives and decreasing unnecessary death due to massive bleeding amongst British Columbians.

Although COVID-19 has temporarily halted our in-person training, it is still an opportunity to recognize the value in having this potentially lifesaving knowledge and providing citizens with the skill to respond appropriately when a major bleeding injury occurs. For the past several months, British Columbians have been successfully flattening the COVID-19 curve, but as we move into warmer months, the potential for traumatic injuries may increase across the province, as we start to engage in more physical activities. Ensuring that public is informed, educated and aware of these necessary skills can potentially save lives. Simple skills and use of low-technology tools such as our hands or simple gauze, to apply pressure or to pack a bleeding wound, can be very effective. Learning proper tourniquet use and how to safely apply a tourniquet can make a big difference and empower someone to save a life.

On May 26, TSBC encourages you to take the time to reflect upon what this means in your professional and personal lives, and opportunities to share within your communities.  Share your expertise and empower your friends, families, colleagues and community partners. Consider a virtual training session. Plan a summer ‘socially-distant’ outdoor course in your hospital parking lot or at the local bike park.

For more information visit: STOP the Bleed