WEBINAR: Building Momentum-Your role in influencing Canada’s National Codes and Preventing Falls in Homes

Tuesday September 25, 2018 @ 12pm EST

Speakers – Linda Strobl and Jake Pauls

Changes to the design of homes impacts fall related injuries and deaths; the right changes can markedly reduce injuries and deaths.  This Webinar focuses on:

  • the right changes,
  • in the right facilities,
  • at the right time,
  • employing the most effective mechanism!

Over the next 14 months we have a critical window of opportunity to address key fall sites in our homes and to improve design requirements in Canada’s National Building Code (NBC) on:

  • Pediatric falls from heights (window guards)
  • Home stair step dimensions
  • Stair handrail graspability
  • Grab bars for bathtubs/showers: two for bathing; one for showering.

Home stairs currently pose risks of injurious falls as much as several times greater than risks on public stairs. Changes partly spurred by Injury Prevention Practitioners’ input five years ago accomplished code changes achieving reduction of half the differential risk; now we have the momentum—and research evidence—to achieve the final half of the total fall risk reduction for new homes.

Development of the NBC allows for Public Health and Injury Prevention expert input.  Navigating and contributing to this system can be time consuming and confusing, but this Webinar provides a rewarding focus for your participation—to advance key falls prevention measures already on the table

This Webinar covers:

  • Evidence on home related falls,
  • Advocacy actions and code provisions for their prevention,
  • Challenges of the current national code system,
  • Opportunities for injury prevention professionals to get involved in NBC development, and
  • Positive changes achievable in the NBC 2020 edition.

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