‘Think about me’: Students pen paper-bag messages to would-be drunk drivers

Local students are asking would-be drunk drivers to think about them before getting behind the wheel while impaired.

Mounties in Richmond, B.C. teamed up with kids from a number of schools to try to discourage the dangerous behaviour.

Armed with markers and creativity, the Grade 5 students addressed potential drunk drivers through a stack of paper wine bags.  Their bubble letters and brightly-coloured drawings are meant to let drivers know that it’s not just their own lives they take into their hands.

“Think about me before you drink and drive,” one student wrote over a drawing of a child’s face.

“Think before you drink!” another bag read.

Other messages included “Be careful on the road,” “You could easily hurt someone,” and “Drinking + Driving = Trouble.”

One student’s bag referenced alcohol-related deaths, and warned of the other dangers of drinking too much. Another urged those who are impaired to call a cab instead.

Mounties will bring the bags to private liquor stores, where they’ll be distributed to patrons starting Friday.  Cpl. Dennis Hwang said the project was thought up by new members of the force. All rookies must be creative and think of a community oriented project as part of their training, he said.

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