Medical Director, Trauma Program VGH and Medical Director, Canadian Forces Trauma Training Centre (West)

Dr Naisan Garraway

Dr. Garraway completed Medical School at the University of Alberta after joining the Canadian Armed Forces. He finished a Family Medicine Residency at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. He then served four years as a military GP in CFB Shilo Manitoba. During this time he also served as the Canadian Military Senior Medical Advisor during a seven month tour with NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2001 he began a General Surgical residency at UBC in Vancouver. Dr Garraway then completed a one year trauma and two year critical care fellowship also at UBC. He has served 4 tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq since 2006. He is currently the Medical Director of the Trauma Program at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), and a General/Trauma Surgeon and ICU Physician on staff at VGH.

Dr. Garraway is currently still in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Reservist and is the Associate Medical Director for the Canadian Forces Trauma Training Centre (West).

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