Safe Kids Week

Parachute Safe Kids Week is an annual campaign to raise public awareness of child safety issues in Canada, encouraging community involvement as part of the solution. This year, Safe Kids Week runs June 3 to 9, and is focused on the topic of preventing harm from children’s falls in the home and at play. 

The campaign encourages Canadians to join the discussion on social media by following @ParachuteCanada on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and to use the hashtags #FallProofYourHome and #SKW2019 to spread our message widely.

The signature activity for 2019 will be the #FallProofYourHome Challenge, where families are encouraged to use the #FallProofYourHome Checklist to address key hazards for children that cause serious injuries from falls in the home.

For more information please watch this video: Safe Kids Week Video

For additional resources please visit: Parachute Canada