An update to Quebec’s Highway Safety Code is coming, and it’s going to come down hard on delinquent drivers.  According to La Presse several changes will be made but lowering the allowed blood alcohol level is not one of them.

Among the changes:

– Those who are caught texting behind the wheel would see their fines triple, going from $100 for the first offense and $200 for repeat offenses to $300 and $600, similar to Ontario.

– Drivers with a learner’s permit and still need to be accompanied by a licensed driver would no longer be allowed to drive between midnight and 5:00 A.M. Data shows the five hour period is when most fatal accidents occur.

– Quebecers with a probationary license could soon have a cap on the number of passengers allowed in their car. The proposed changes to the Safety Code would limit the number of people riding with an inexperienced driver to three, the same number of seat belts in the average vehicle.

– Those found guilty of drunk driving for the second time would be required to have a car breathalyzer installed. The current law requires the device be installed following the third offense. The driver would be required to keep the breathalyzer installed for a minimum of ten years, at which point a request could be filed to have it removed after a decade without an offense.

According to La Presse the bill has made its way through ministerial committees which could see it tabled at the National Assembly before the holidays.

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