Public Consultation: Countermeasures to help keep Pedestrians and Cyclists Safe

The safety of cyclists and pedestrians when they share the road with heavy vehicles remains an on-going challenge. To specifically address this safety concern, a task force was assembled to examine safety measures, also known as countermeasures, to help protect vulnerable road users (VRUs). This task force is led by a Steering Committee, co-chaired by Alberta Transportation and Transport Canada, with representatives from provincial/territorial authorities.

The Vulnerable Road Users Steering Committee is consulting on the Summary Report regarding the interaction between pedestrian/cyclists and heavy vehicles.

To improve upon the information within the report and capture a broad perspective, the Committee wants to hear from you. To participate, please:

  1. Read the Summary Report and the FAQ to learn more about the scope of this consultation.
  2. Complete the survey to help us improve on the report
  3. Join the conversation!

The link provided will give you access to an interactive website where you can read the report, participate in a discussion forum and/or complete a survey.  Please take the time to visit the site and consider completing the survey or join the online discussion to have your say.

The site will be available from March 2nd until April 2nd