Parachute Vision Zero Network’s 2nd Annual Summit

This two day conference (Oct. 16-17, 2017) will bring together grassroots organizations, enforcement, public health professionals and researchers to discuss the implementation of Vision Zero.  Breakout sessions will allow individuals to learn a variety of different issues as they relate to the elimination of motor vehicle fatalities.

This will not be the typical road safety conference. Each panel is designed to generate memorable debate and unique discussion. Here’s a sneak peek!

Autonomous Cars
We know autonomous cars are the future. So how long will it be until they’re the only cars on the roads? What challenges might delay their launch? Hear from speakers with varying perspectives: government, insurance, and technology sector experts discuss their viewpoints and challenges.

Marijuana Legalization
Make no mistake; coming July 1, 2018 police will be dealing with drivers and legalized drugs. Do we know enough about THC and impairment? A criminal lawyer tells us how science could be used to override charges. Medical experts and enforcement share their perspectives.

Media’s Role in Changing the Conversation
Every day there are road incidents, some fatal. Too often the focus is on how they will affect our personal commutes. Should the media share some responsibility in educating the public and helping change the conversation about this public health issue?

Safe or Green – Why Not Both?
Should Vision Zero initiatives incorporate environmental considerations? What has the bigger burden of injury: emissions or collisions? Hear the differing perspectives of experts on both sides.

Vision Zero & Human Behaviour
Can social norms be changed through education? What would this look like for Vision Zero? Leading neuroscientists and advertising executives discuss both the art and science behind changing behaviours.

Staying True to Vision Zero
How is Vision Zero different from traditional road safety strategies? This panel will discuss examples of Vision Zero in the spirit of the goal, the development of standards for implementation, and the various challenges they face.

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