Parachute Statement: Concussion baseline testing not required or recommended for youth athletes

Parachute has released a statement to clarify the role of concussion baseline testing for Canadian youth and adult athletes.

Concussion baseline testing has become marketed throughout Canada as a mandatory or recommended practice to help improve the post injury care of athletes with suspected concussion.

Parachute has released a set of key recommendations based on up to date world leading research and in consultation with Parachute’s Expert Advisory Concussion Subcommittee. They are directed to athletes,sport organizations, parents, and healthcare professionals.

Baseline testing is not required for post injury care of youth athletes with suspected or diagnosed concussion,could provide a sense of security that is not warranted, and is not recommended. Rather than using parent and athlete resources (money, time) for baseline testing, Parachute encourages sport organizations to develop processes within their organizations to “recognize and remove” when a suspected concussion has occurred. These processes, appropriate medical assessment, management, return to school and return to sport, are key.

They are outlined in the Canadian Guideline on Concussion & Sport.

The full Statement on Concussion Baseline Testing in Canada is available here.