London landmarks honouring National Injury Prevention Day

Some major landmarks in the Forest City will be going green on Wednesday to mark National Injury Prevention Day.

One of the participants is the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), which deals with hundreds of trauma patients every summer.

National Injury Prevention Day is meant to raise awareness of preventable injuries, which is the No. 1 cause of death among Canadians aged one to 44.  In fact, 43 Canadians die every day from preventable injuries.

Since the LHSC is the lead trauma centre for southwest Ontario, it treats those most severely injured and often the injuries are both preventable and predictable.  Hospitals say they have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of traumatic injuries during the summer  Last year, the LHSC treated 336 patients for traumatic injuries during the summer months, with July being the peak month with 107 severe trauma patients.

About 65 per cent of trauma patients were men, and almost half of all trauma patient injuries are the result of a motor vehicle collision.

That’s why injury prevention specialists are urging residents to avoid distracted driving, which is the leading cause of driving fatalities across Canada and is entirely preventable.  Other common causes of preventable traumatic injuries that the LHSC dealt with last summer include falls from heights and injuries involving all-terrain vehicles.

In collaboration with Parachute Canada, LHSC will join in the effort to raise awareness about preventable injuries. The Victoria Hospital B Tower interior atrium will be lit in green, the designated colour of National Injury Prevention Day, on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Fountain at the Forks will also shine green along with other major Canadian landmarks including the CN Tower, the Peace Bridge and Vancouver City Hall.