Launch of Post-secondary Education Partnership on Alcohol Harms

Ottawa, June 14, 2017 — On behalf of the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), I am very pleased to support today’s launch of the Postsecondary Education Partnership — Alcohol Harms (PEP–AH). CCSA is a major sponsor and co-chair of this innovative group, which brings students and campus administration from over 35 Canadian campuses together to address alcohol harms on campus.

PEP-AH harnesses the power of students to address the serious problem of the harms of alcohol use on Canadian campuses. Students are deeply involved in the design and leadership of this national partnership, as well as on-campus initiatives. The initiatives are built on an evidence-based framework for action that informs alcohol policies and programs on campus. That framework represents a new, comprehensive way of approaching the issue, and I have every reason to believe it will result in a new, healthier way forward for Canadian post-secondary students.

CCSA understands that current issues in substance use impact youth in a unique way. From the opioid crisis to upcoming legislation on cannabis, from driving under the influence of substances to the need for concentrated action on harmful substance use prevention and treatment, youth are at the heart of the issue. We will continue to work to safeguard and educate youth to minimize the impact of substances on their lives, and to help them realize their full potential, both on campus and off.

CCSA is working on care pathways that will help healthcare providers working specifically with youth address problematic substance use effectively. We will continue to work on projects focused on understanding how youth view alcohol and marijuana, and to correct any misperceptions among youth that we have learned about through focus groups with young people.

Rita Notarandrea, CEO, CCSA