ICBC: Drive Smart Campaign

ICBC launched a new campaign called Drive Smart that will encourage drivers in B.C. to be part of the solution to help reduce the number of crashes on B.C. roads.

Do you know that most people feel that the state of driving in B.C. is getting worse? It’s true. In the past three years, crashes have increased by 23% across the province. Every day, there are now approximately 875 crashes on B.C. roads, on average.

According to a new survey completed by Insights West, most drivers say that driving in the province has gotten worse in the last five years – pointing at bad driving behaviours as one of the top contributors to B.C.’s road problems.  Respondents feel that drivers today are more distracted, more aggressive and more impatient, making driving in B.C. more dangerous.

Despite this, the survey also found that 99% of all respondents considered themselves to be good or excellent drivers. Yet the same respondents:
-incorrectly answered road test questions (over 3/4 of respondents, 78%, got at least one incorrect),
-admitted to being an aggressive driver (1/5 of respondents, 18%),
-said they might not follow road rules to make up time while driving (over 1/3 of respondents, 37%)
-felt that it was OK to ‘bend the rules’ every once in a while if no other drivers were around (1/3 of respondents, 32%), and
-confessed to driving in an emotional state at least some of the time (99% of all respondents).

To help combat this growing issue, ICBC is launching a new road safety campaign to encourage all drivers to reflect on their driving habits. The campaign will focus on many critical components to being a safe driver: our knowledge of the rules of the road, how we behave behind the wheel, and our attitude toward our responsibility as a driver. The campaign will include media advertisements, partnerships, public outreach and online resources, including an online quiz to help shine a light on areas where drivers may need improvement.