How much pot is consumed in your Toronto neighbourhood? Check our interactive map

From downtown’s millennial tower dwellers, to the scions of leafy Rosedale, to the sons and daughters of the Beaches, Toronto’s top pot users congregate by age amid some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the city.

A comprehensive new survey released Thursday shows marijuana use in Toronto — and across the country — is highest among 19- to 34-year-olds, with consumption being amped up even further as their income and education levels rise.

“There’s an age group thing going on here,” says Rupen Seoni, a senior vice president with Environics Analytics, which produced the research.  “Younger people living in more affluent parts of the city are more likely to use than people living in other parts of the city,” Seoni says.

The data paints a wide-ranging portrait of Canada’s marijuana scene — medicinal and illicit — three months before its recreational use becomes legal across the country on Oct. 17.

The information — most of which will be offered by subscription to groups with interests in the emerging market that legalization will trigger — touches on dozens of elements of use and distribution and drills down to the postal code level right across the nation.

Among other things, it shows:

  • 41 per cent of Canadians under 35 have consumed cannabis at least once;
  • 29 per cent of all Canadians older than 19 have tried the drug;
  • There is a $3.9 billion marijuana market in Canada with the average price for a gram of pot being $7.36 nationwide

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