Grandma On the Move

The City of Vancouver has partnered with award-winning children’s entertainers Will Stroet and the enduring Charlotte Diamond to inspire safe, courteous, and mindful road behaviour – especially for our most vulnerable and at-risk groups.

“Hey there mom, we’re driving too quick,” the tune goes. “Please be patient, that nana’s got a bad hip. If you make me rush, I just might slip. Then I’ll take much longer, to get on with your trip.”

The song, “Grandma on the Move,” might also evoke nostalgia for anyone who grew up singing such kids classics as “I Am a Pizza” or “4 Hugs a Day”. It was written by Charlotte Diamond and Will Stroet of Will’s Jams.

In a city media release, Diamond, who in 2016 was named a recipient of the Order of Canada, expresses a lot of enthusiasm for the project.

“This is an important project!” she says quoted there. “Families of all ages need to feel connected to the people and places where they live. They need to safely explore all the fascinating areas of their city, town or community.  Just walk out the door and begin your journey of urban exploration. Become a grandma or grandpa on the move!”

For more information, or to download the free accompanying colouring book for Grandma On the Move, please visit: Grandma On the Move