Fall Pedestrian Safety Campaign by ICBC

Pedestrian safety is the new focus of ICBC’s campaign for the upcoming months.

The number of pedestrians who are injured in crashes almost doubles as the winter season creep in with weather changes and shorter daylight hours.

 In the Lower Mainland, an average of 2,300 crashes saw 1,200 pedestrians injured between October and January over the past five years.

Drivers are encouraged to take extra time to look for pedestrians when turning and avoid distractions while driving.

Meanwhile, pedestrians can stay safe by making eye contact and be aware of drivers making turns at intersections.

“Even when drivers proceed with caution, it’s hard to see pedestrians at this time of year when visibility is poor,” said Lindsay Matthews, ICBC vice president of public affairs and driver licensing.

“Crashes with pedestrians are highest between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. every day, when most of us are commuting home from school and work. Please focus on the road and leave your phone alone.”

For more information please visit: ICBC