“Can you see it?”: Preventable kicks off its ninth year

The Community Against Preventable Injuries created a larger-than-life banana peel for their ninth year.

The banana was installed from June 1 to 4 in at Granville and Georgia in partnership with London Drugs. Labeled with the slogan, “Seriously?” The banana spread the word that 90% of injuries are 100% preventable. Over the Labour Day weekend, the banana was displayed at Olympic Village and reminded people to stay safe over the long weekend when driving, boating, or participating in other activities.

“This campaign challenges the assumption that ‘bad stuff might happen to others, but not to me,’” said Dr. Ian Pike, spokesperson for Preventable.

“Every day, we take risks that we know can lead to injury—we speed on our way to work, we text while crossing the street. The banana is an exaggeration of the risk that is right in front of us.”

The installation received a lot of attention on social media as people shared photos using the hashtag #preventable, It was also featured in the media, including on Global News BC, the West Ender, News 1130, and Roundhouse Radio.