B.C. to begin public consultation on marijuana legalization

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth told municipal leaders across B.C. that the government is beginning an extensive public engagement on how legalized marijuana will be sold and regulated in the province. “In terms of zoning, in terms of licensing, it’s important we get it right,” said Farnworth.

He says when it comes to pot access the province it won’t be “one size fits all” and the aim won’t be a “cash grab.”  “We want to make sure the policy we put in place meets the needs of British Columbians.”

Farnworth said the public engagement process will focus on what the legal age for cannabis use will be, what legal possession limits will be, drug-impaired driving and issues around personal cultivation.

The province will seek feedback, from a “representative sample” of people in B.C., he said.  “We have not landed on any decision around the distribution model, we have not landed on any decisions on the retail model, because I’ve made it clear, there’s different opinions in different parts of the province.”

Local government representatives are in Vancouver for their annual Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) convention, and at the top of the agenda is a push to get municipalities at the table in developing the regulatory framework around legalized cannabis.

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