Can You See It Coming?

The Community Against Preventable Injuries (Preventable) is kicking off its 9th year with an 8-foot banana peel in downtown Vancouver.

Located just outside the downtown London Drugs at the corner of Granville and Georgia Streets, the silly sculpture has a very serious point: most “accidents” aren’t really accidents at all. Most of the time, individuals can see them coming—just like a huge banana peel. And that makes them 100% preventable.

The larger-than-life banana peel is a cross-cultural, language-independent, universal symbol of the accident that’s waiting to happen. It is the perfect reminder that actually, serious injuries don’t just “happen.” They happen because people willingly close their eyes to the risks that are right there in front of them.

Throughout Preventable’s history, they’ve worked hard to combat the all-too-common belief that serious injuries are “inevitable.” And consistently challenged the idea that serious injuries only happen to “other people.” These attitudes are the common thread that underlie all serious injuries, whether they’re caused by motor vehicle crashes, falls from ladders, drowning, mixing medications, or anything else.

Everyone takes risks they know could lead to injury— speeding, texting while crossing the street, standing on the top rung of the ladder. It’s not that people don’t understand what could happen. They just choose to ignore it.

The banana is an exaggeration of risk. Because everyone can see it coming, they can prevent themselves from tripping on it.

For more information please visit: Preventable