CCSA Presents the Cannabis Communication Guide

Canadian youth are talking … talking pot. As Canada prepares to legalize cannabis, youth are seeking credible information from individuals they know and trust on the benefits and harms of cannabis use. They want to know the whole story. Young people are ready to have the conversation, but many who interact with them are not well prepared for it.

To help those looking for practical approaches to talking with youth about cannabis to feel more confident in having these difficult conversations, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) is pleased to announce the release of Talking Pot with Youth: A Cannabis Communication Guide for Youth Allies.

The guide is intended to educate youth allies on how to have safe, unbiased, informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis. It takes a harm reduction approach and provides a basis for communicating accurate information on cannabis. This information will support young people in making informed decisions about their cannabis use.

Canadian youth are ready to talk. Are you?

If you have any questions about the Cannabis Communication Guide or if you are interested in having a CCSA presentation on it, please contact Kiran Somjee, RN, National Priority Advisor (, or Chealsea De Moor, MA, Knowledge Broker (