BikeNYC 2020 Report

Bicycling is New York City’s fastest growing mode of
transportation. Today, three-quarters of a million people
regularly ride a bicycle in New York City, and that number is
growing faster than the economy, or the population. At the
start of his first term, Mayor Bill de Blasio set a goal for 2020: Double the
number of New Yorkers who regularly ride a bicycle.

To understand this explosive growth, outline how Mayor de Blasio can meet
his goal of 1.5 million bicycling New Yorkers, and explain what the City
of the New York must do to protect and nurture this growing population,
Transportation Alternatives conducted a series of intensive focus groups,
and interviewed thousands of New Yorkers. The result is BikeNYC 2020:
What New York Needs to be a World-Class Bicycling City – a report on the
state of bicycling, and its future.